How to Make a Beautiful Princess Dress

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Your princess isn't ordinary, so make her a princess dress that's extraordinary.

Last time your little girl went to a "princess party," she may have arrived wearing the same dress as half a dozen other members of the local royalty. You probably paid more money than you should have to get her all dolled up, and now another invitation has arrived. She may have had a growth spurt, and the costume she wore only once can't be let out. Mom to the rescue: this time around, you'll make her a beautiful princess dress that won't cost big bucks but it will make her stand out from the crowd at any ball she attends.

Things You'll Need

  • Coat lining
  • Nylon tulle
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Sequin trim
  • Loose sequins
  • Fabric glue
  • Elastic
  • Satin ribbon
  • Scepter and crown
  • Long gloves
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      Gather inspiration for your daughter's next princess dress by visiting Internet sites to see how other moms have stitched up finery for their princesses. Pick a princess dress pattern from a pattern book or go fashion rogue and whip up a gown using easy-to-obtain materials from your local fabric store.

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      Find or make a tube top in your child's size by purchasing a yard of coat lining fabric that offers both strength and shine. Measure your little girl's chest. Hem both the top and the waist so the bodice wraps around her midsection. Stitch a back seam. Thread elastic into both seams. Make two straps of sequin trim. Glue colorful, loose sequins to the tube top to finish the bodice of the princess dress.

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      Create a fanciful skirt of tulle in a color that matches or complements the tube top you've finished. Measure your child from waist to desired length of the princess dress design. Use your sewing machine to run a long hemming stitch. Overcome tulle issues, such as the slipping and sliding that makes it so difficult to keep this fabric under control while it's being sewn, by pinning paper strips along the stitching line. Rip off the stabilizing paper once the stitching is in.

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      Gather up the skirt stitches at the waistline of the princess dress. Bind the hem with matching ribbon to craft a waistband. Stitch the skirt's back seam leaving a placket so the child can get in and out of the skirt section with ease. Attach ribbon ties to the waistband or add male and female Velcro strips to hold the skirt in place.

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      Find a toy scepter and matching crown at your local dollar store to complete the outfit. Add a pair of elbow-length gloves to the ensemble in addition to a pair of tights. Use leftover sequin trim to make a choker for the princess's neck to coordinate the outfit. Enjoy the reward you'll receive when your child returns from the ball in her princess dress and proudly exclaims, "Nobody else had a princess dress as beautiful as mine!"

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