How to Unlock a Master Padlock #3 Without a Key

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Padlocks help protect your valuable property.
Padlocks help protect your valuable property.

Master Lock imports padlocks, combination locks and other security products for industrial and commercial use. The company's No. 3 padlock is a commercial grade keyed lock encased by a hard laminated shell. Master Lock's No. 3 padlock is intended to secure tool cribs, construction equipment, vending machines and storefront or business gates. Because of this lock's resistance to cutting and picking, a replacement key should be obtained if you wish to open it.

Things You'll Need

  • Key number
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      Contact Master Lock and request a set of replacement keys. This step requires that you know the identification number printed on your old set of keys. See the "Resources" section below for Master Lock's contact information.

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      Bring your key number to a hardware store or professional locksmith to have it duplicated.

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      Take your No. 3 padlock to a hardware store or professional locksmith if you have lost or do not remember your key number. The technician will make an impression of your lock and create a new set of keys which will unlock it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always store your key number in the Master Lock Vault, a free service provided by the company. See the "Resources" section below.

  • Phone the hardware store or locksmithing service in advance to check that they offer a lock impression service.

  • Do not attempt to unlock a No.3 padlock--or any other lock, for that matter--that does not belong to you. Such action may be met with legal consequences.

  • Do not attempt to cut or pick a No.3 padlock, even if you own the lock and the property to which it is secured, as this may be mistaken for theft.

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